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EV Charger Holder

An EV (Electric Vehicle) charger holder is a device or fixture designed to securely hold and organize the charging cable and connector for an electric vehicle. It's used to keep the charging equipment neatly stored and easily accessible when not in use. There are various types and designs of EV charger holders, and they can be used for both residential and commercial charging stations. Here are some common features and types of EV charger holders:

Wall-mounted EV Charger Holder: This type of holder is typically installed on a wall near the charging station. It provides a designated spot to hang the charging cable and connector, preventing them from lying on the ground and getting dirty or damaged.

Pole-Mounted EV Charger Holder: Some EV charging stations, especially in public or commercial settings, may have pole-mounted holders. These holders are attached to a pole near the charging station, making it easy for users to store the cable while not in use.

Portable EV Charger Holder: Portable charger holders are usually smaller and designed to be carried with you. They can be placed on the ground or a flat surface near your EV while charging, offering a convenient way to keep the cable organized during charging sessions.

Cable Management Systems: Some EV charger holders come with integrated cable management systems to keep the charging cable neatly coiled and prevent tripping hazards.


Telgeoot EV Charger Holder


Effortless Storage: Say goodbye to cluttered garages or tangled charging cables. Our Wall Mount Holder provides a dedicated and secure place to store your EV charger, keeping it off the floor and within arm's reach.

Smart Design for EV Owners: Designed with EV owners in mind, our wall mount holder is engineered to accommodate various charger models, ensuring a universal fit. No need to worry about compatibility – it's got you covered.

Sturdy and Durable: Telgeoot EV Charger Holder strong enough to hold a large amountof coiled charger cable and snaps into a socket that keeps the connector safe and dry. It can withstand the weight of charger and cable up to 30KG, providing a safe and stable storage solution.

Quick and Easy Installation: Installing the TELGEOOT EV Charger Holder is a breeze. Mount it on any suitable wall surface, and you'll have your charger neatly stored and easily accessible in no time.


Perfect for people who don’t have a neat way to hang the hose of their charger. And your charger clips weight in to the circles, protecting from water and corrosion.

The primary benefits of using an EV charger holder include reducing clutter, preventing cable damage, and making the charging process more convenient. They are available in various materials, such as plastic, metal, and rubber, and can be purchased from EV charging equipment suppliers, home improvement stores, or online retailers. When choosing an EV charger holder, it's important to consider the design, compatibility with your specific charging cable, and the installation options available for your charging setup.

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