About us-Telgeoot Charging Station

Telgeoot Charging Pile
Telgeoot Charging Pile

Our Vision

· Telgeoot is excellent electric vehicle accessories manufacturer that has been in the auto parts industry for more than ten years.

· Telgeoot excellent attainments in car charging piles and car accessories, and can provide advanced security products and services for electric vehicles and car owners.

· We are the inheritors of low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection and recycling, a way to change life.

· Our goal is to give devices a second life, which means providing the best device at the best price.

· In order to better protect the environment and reduce the impact of fuel emissions on humans.

Why Choose Telgeoot ?

· we care about the quality of the devices you buy. We have professional technology support teams and a strict quality control system.

· Inspection: Thorough physical and visual inspection.

· service: Dealing with consumer issues within 48 hours.

· Testing: All devices undergo comprehensive diagnostic, operational, and network system tests to ensure they work.

· Cleaning: Every device will be spotless and finely treated to keep looking like new.

· Packaging: Every device will be carefully packaged and placed in a new box, then sealed for shipment.