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How fast is the Tesla Level 2 Charger?

tesla level 2 charger

How fast is the Tesla Level 2 Charger? Tesla's innovative approach to electric vehicle (EV) technology extends beyond just the vehicles themselves; it encompasses the entire charging infrastructure as well. Among their charging solutions, the Tesla Level 2 charger, commonly known as the Tesla Wall Connector, stands out for its efficiency and speed. But just how fast is the Tesla Level 2 Charger?

Tesla's Level 2 chargers, commonly known as Tesla Wall Connectors, can provide varying charging speeds depending on the specific model and configuration. The maximum charging rate of a Tesla Wall Connector is 48 amps, which translates to approximately 11.5 kW of power output when installed on a 240-volt circuit.

With this charging capacity, Tesla vehicles equipped with compatible onboard chargers can charge at rates of up to 44 miles of range per hour (for the standard 48-amp Wall Connector) or up to 56 miles of range per hour (for the high-amperage version).

Charging Speeds

The speed of the Tesla Level 2 Charger primarily depends on two factors: the maximum output of the Wall Connector itself and the onboard charger capacity of the Tesla vehicle being charged.

Tesla Wall Connector Output: The Tesla Wall Connector comes in two variants: a standard version with a maximum output of 48 amps and a high-amperage version with a maximum output of 80 amps. The standard version delivers approximately 11.5 kW of power, while the high-amperage version can provide up to 19.2 kW.

Onboard Charger Capacity: Tesla vehicles are equipped with onboard chargers that vary in capacity. The onboard charger's capacity determines how quickly the vehicle can accept electricity from the charging station. Tesla's onboard chargers typically range from 7.7 kW to 11.5 kW.

Charging Speeds in Miles of Range Per Hour

The charging speed of a Tesla vehicle using the Tesla Wall Connector can be expressed in terms of miles of range added per hour of charging. Here's a general overview:

With the standard 48-amp Tesla Wall Connector and a vehicle equipped with an onboard charger capable of 11.5 kW, the charging speed can reach up to approximately 44 miles of range per hour.

With the high-amperage version of the Wall Connector (80 amps) and a compatible vehicle, the charging speed can increase to approximately 56 miles of range per hour.


Tesla Level 2 Charger

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It's important to note that the actual charging speed experienced by a Tesla vehicle depends not only on the capacity of the Wall Connector but also on the onboard charger capacity of the vehicle itself. Tesla's onboard chargers range from 7.7 kW to 11.5 kW, with newer models typically having higher capacities for faster charging.

Overall, Tesla's Level 2 chargers are known for their efficiency and can provide relatively fast charging speeds for Tesla vehicles when compared to many other Level 2 charging options on the market.

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