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Exploring EV Charger Brands Utilizing the J1772 Connector

Exploring EV Charger Brands Utilizing the J1772 Connector

As the electric vehicle (EV) revolution continues to gain momentum, the availability of charging infrastructure is a crucial aspect of EV ownership. One of the most common and widely adopted charging standards in North America is the J1772 connector. Many EV manufacturers and charging station brands utilize the J1772 connector to ensure compatibility with a broad range of electric cars. In this article, we will explore various brands that offer EV chargers using the J1772 connector.


ChargePoint is one of the most recognized names in the EV charging industry. They offer a variety of charging solutions, including Level 2 charging stations that use the J1772 connector. ChargePoint stations are commonly found in public charging networks, workplaces, and residential settings, making them a convenient choice for EV owners.


ClipperCreek specializes in manufacturing electric vehicle charging equipment, including Level 2 chargers with the J1772 connector. Their chargers are known for their reliability and durability, making them a popular choice for residential and commercial installations.


Siemens is a global brand known for its diverse range of products, including EV chargers. They offer Level 2 charging stations with J1772 connectors designed for both residential and commercial use. Siemens chargers are known for their quality and performance.


Leviton, a trusted name in electrical products, offers EV charging solutions that are compatible with the J1772 standard. They provide Level 2 charging stations for residential and commercial applications, along with advanced features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and smart charging capabilities.


Bosch, a renowned technology company, also produces EV charging solutions with J1772 connectors. Their Level 2 charging stations are designed to be user-friendly and reliable, making them a great choice for home charging.


J1772 Connector


AeroVironment is a well-established provider of electric vehicle charging equipment. They offer Level 2 chargers compatible with the J1772 connector, designed for residential and commercial use. AeroVironment chargers are known for their compact design and user-friendly features.

JuiceBox (by eMotorWerks)

JuiceBox, a brand under eMotorWerks, provides J1772-compatible EV chargers, offering both Level 2 and smart charging solutions. Their chargers come equipped with various features, including smartphone app integration and the ability to manage charging schedules.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a global leader in energy management solutions. They produce Level 2 charging stations compatible with the J1772 connector. Schneider Electric chargers are often used in commercial settings, where reliability and scalability are essential.

Blink (formerly CarCharging)

Blink, formerly known as CarCharging, operates a network of public EV charging stations. Their charging stations predominantly use the J1772 connector, making them a popular choice for public charging infrastructure.


Webasto, a well-established automotive supplier, offers a range of EV charging solutions compatible with the J1772 standard. Their Level 2 chargers are designed to meet the charging needs of residential and commercial users.

Exploring EV Charger Brands Utilizing the J1772 Connector

The J1772 connector has become a standard for electric vehicle charging in North America, ensuring compatibility across a wide range of EV models. Many reputable brands and manufacturers produce EV chargers with J1772 connectors, providing a plethora of options for EV owners. When choosing an EV charger, consider factors such as charging speed, network connectivity, power output, and additional features that best suit your charging needs. The widespread availability of these J1772-compatible chargers makes owning and operating an electric vehicle more convenient than ever.

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