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Can Telgeoot EV charging stations be monitored using mobile phones?

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Can Telgeoot EV charging stations be monitored using mobile phones? You can search "Smart life" by Apple store or Google Store, Was able to utilize mobile app to set up charging schedule, and allows you to set your cost per KWH so you can see exactly what you are paying to charger.

The ev charger will generate a Wi-Fi signal and use your smartphone to connect it, then you can connect the Telgeoot ev charger to your home network, view the device status in real-time.Using the app, it is very easy to start and stop charging, adjust the power level, etc.

With the rise of electric vehicles (EVs), the demand for efficient and user-friendly charging solutions has never been higher. Telgeoot, a notable player in the electric vehicle charging industry, has garnered attention for its advanced charging infrastructure. One common question among EV owners is whether Telgeoot EV charging stations can be monitored using mobile phones. In this article, we delve into the features and capabilities of Telgeoot charging stations, exploring how users can leverage their mobile devices to stay connected and informed.

Telgeoot Charging Station Features:

Telgeoot has positioned itself as a leading provider of smart and connected charging solutions. Some key features of Telgeoot EV charging stations include:

a. Smart Connectivity:

Telgeoot charging stations are equipped with smart technology for seamless connectivity.

Users can access real-time information about their charging sessions and station status.

b. Mobile App Integration:

Telgeoot offers a dedicated mobile app for users to monitor and manage their charging activities.

The app provides a user-friendly interface for tracking charging progress and accessing station details.


EV charging stations

Monitoring Telgeoot Charging Stations with Mobile Phones:

a. Mobile App Installation:

Begin by downloading and installing the Telgeoot mobile app from the respective app store (iOS or Android).

b. Account Creation:

Users need to create an account on the Telgeoot app, providing necessary details and linking it to their charging station account.

c. Station Locator:

Utilize the app's station locator feature to find nearby Telgeoot charging stations.

The locator provides real-time information on station availability and status.

d. Charging Session Monitoring:

Once connected to a Telgeoot ev charging station, users can monitor their charging sessions through the app.

Information such as charging speed, session duration, and total cost can be accessed in real time.

e. Notification Alerts:

Enable notification alerts to receive updates on the completion of charging sessions or any issues with the station.

Benefits of Mobile Monitoring:

a. Convenience:

Mobile monitoring adds a layer of convenience, allowing users to check charging status and availability on the go.

b. Cost Management:

Real-time access to charging costs helps users manage their expenses effectively.

c. Optimized Charging Experience:

By monitoring stations remotely, users can plan their charging sessions for optimal efficiency and convenience.

Can Telgeoot EV charging stations be monitored using mobile phones? Telgeoot EV charging stations offer a modern and user-centric approach to electric vehicle charging. With the dedicated mobile app, users can easily monitor and manage their charging sessions, providing a seamless and connected experience.

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