Warranty | Telgeoot Charging Station


This is the Limited Warranty for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment and Accessories by Telgeoot.

One Year Warranty:

The warranty period of this product is one year. Within one year from the date of (first use) (the "Warranty Period"), Please keep the warranty copy properly and use this page as the product warranty certificate. During the warranty period, it shall be repaired according to the Warranty Regulations.

1. The warranty period of this product is 12 months. At that time,please provide the purchase certificate as the product warrantycertificate.

2. During the warranty period, the faults not caused by humanactivities (judged by the official staff of the company) under the condition ofnormal use according to the instructions shall be repaired.

3. Except for the following problems, charging equipment canenjoy the above related warranty terms:

1) The warranty certificate cannot be provided, or the contentson the warranty certificate are inconsistent with the physical identificationof the repaired goods or altered;

2) Failure to provide valid invoices;

3) The warranty period specified by the manufacturer is exceeded;

4) Damage caused by failure to use, maintain and store the product in accordance with the requirements of the user manual;

5) Damage or failure caused by foreign matters entering;

6) Damage caused by dismantling by a person who is not responsible for three guarantee repair;

7) Damage caused by force majeure (such as lightning,high voltage, earthquake, fire, flood and other natural disasters);

8)Failure and damage caused by other unavoidable external factors;

9)Damage caused by water entering the equipment or other solutions due to improper use;

10) Damage caused by using power supply and voltage other thanthose specified.

4. For products beyond the warranty period or not within the scope of the warranty, we provide paid maintenance services.

5. The above warranty is only made, and no other express or implied warranty is made (including the implied warranty of marketability,rationality and adaptability of a particular application, etc.).

The Company will not be responsible for any special occasional or indirect damages, no matter in the contract, civil negligence or other aspects.